What People are Saying:

We are proud of the relationships that we have with our Clients. Click on the testimonials below for a full view of why our Clients value SummitRG and want to work with us.


Ralph Idems

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer - Vertigo Digital Displays

​"When I first met George about 18 years ago, he was the Consultant Strategic/Advisor to the Company that eventually acquired the business of which I was the President."​


Edoardo Panziera

Founder & President - Ionada

​​"​George is a valued member of Ionada’ s Advisory Board. I look forward to his continuing contributions to the growth of Ionada.​"​


David Beatty / Jim Cooper

CEO/President - Canarm

"George has been advising Canarm on Strategic Planning, Product Development, Marketing and Intellectual Property protection issues."


John Witherspoon/Tony Barnes

President/Chief Financial Officer - HFI Pyrotechnics

"It is well recognized that working with Chinese suppliers can be challenging. We are pleased that the SummitRG team helped HFI overcome many of the challenges."


Jeno Eppel

President - EHC Global

"We can assure you that, if you hire George as a business consultant, that he will provide the added leadership and know-how to support the achievement of your visions and goals."


Dr. Vincent Guyonnet

VP – International Market Development - Burnbrae Farms

"I highly recommend George as a Strategic Planning/Business Development Consultant.”


Rodger Roden

CFO for Antioquia Gold Inc.; Bold Ventures Inc.; Mustang Minerals Corp

"George was the Consultant/Strategic Planner for my former employer Sanmina-SCI Enclosures Division (SANM) during both the growth and rationalization phases of the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry and SANM."


Ronald H. Ball

Founder; Past CEO and Chairman EHC Global Inc.

"George and I first met 12 years ago. He approached me as a client for his business consulting and I hired him immediately.

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