Strategic Planning

A successful company is guided by a clear vision. Strategic plan serves as the touchstone for future direction. By gaining consensus and bringing all stakeholders onto the same page, a well considered plan will help you align day-to- day decisions with your overall growth and profit objectives.

Using a combination of proven proprietary and other Business Planning tools, we guide you in defining your business in terms of:

  • Customer Groups (who buys our products?)
  • Customer Functions (What needs do our products fulfill?)
  • Alternative Technologies (How are the needs met?)


Define Your Business

We help you answer the deceptively simple question:

What is my business?

We focus your attention on 6 critical business issues and give you tools to address the issues of immediate concern to you:

  • Find and keep Customers
  • Create more added values for Customers
  • Generate positive Cash flow
  • Ensure Profitability
  • Pursue Growth
  • Meet stakeholders expectations

We facilitate, both on-site and off-site, strategic planning sessions and stimulate your management team to creatively address:

  • Current Reality (Where are we now?)
  • Strategic Objectives (Where do we want to be?)
  • Action Plans (How do we get there?)


Formulate Options

We identify Strategic Options and recommend those best suited to reposition your enterprise in this constantly changing business environment.

We prepare Strategic Plan, Business Plan and related collaterals (PowerPoint, print, interactive and web-based) for internal and external communications.

To be of real value, Strategic Planning is an ongoing process; not a nominal onetime event annually.

We work with you to execute your strategic plan and monitor progress.


Avoid Pitfalls

We steer you away from 5 common pitfalls that prevent you from attaining your strategic goals:

  • Misreading industry attractiveness
  • Possessing no true competitive advantage
  • Pursuing a competitive advantage that is unsustainable
  • Compromising strategy to grow faster
  • Not making strategy explicit and not communicating it to employees

Practice Leaders

George Yan

George is an integral part of the strategic planning and management teams of his Clients.
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Darrel McFeely

Darrell has over 35 years of experience with small and mid-market businesses as an owner, operator, lender and consultant..
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Ron Ball

Ron is Founder of EHC-Global, a privately held Canadian Corporation comprising a group of international businesses.
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